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World’s Most Unique Handmade Masks.

Perle-Veneziane has mastered the art of handmade mask making for over 200 years.
Our masks represent the many colours and styles of the traditional Venetian Carnival culture.  
One-of-a- kind custom designed reproductions,
these masks are the most popular type of paper mache masks
available in the market today.

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mask shop mask mask Colombina is an half face mask and was weared mostly by women now is unisex mask
  Ninfea Piume


The Maschera is completely hand made.and it is a very old tradition in Venezia. These masks I want to show you are for my opinions the most beautiful and they are all executed Franco Cecamore one of the most expert in this art mask Bauta is one of most popular mask in Venice it was also used for pubblic affair not only for carnival party. mask Volto is the most used mask it cover all face and can weared with all kinds of dresses.
    Bauta Volto  
MASK Jolly or joker mask is made by adding to a full face or half face mask horns in different colors mask    
Venetian Masks are completely hand made using the raditional techniques of, paper Mache and, all Hand Painted. These ornate masks are used for the Carnival of Venice or for spectacules at the theater or movie   Jolly  
The most traditional way to make Mask. Very tipycal from Venice style. Any kind of Venetian Mask can be made
Home Maschere Venezia Carnival Masks How to make Contact
Our Venetian Masks are all individually hand-made. In this photo shown, you see how each artist starts hte process. There are a lot of things to know and to think when one's has to create a custom designed mask. First, is how it will look on someone face and also how it will fit the face of the person that wears it. mask This is the way how to stick on the mask different pieces of fabbrics in order to optain the wished decoration.


mask These masks (molds) are now prepared for decoration. From here the artist is free to imagination and create any kind of design he wants. If this is custom order, they follow a detailed blueprint that is agreed upon the by the purchaser and the artist. mask This step shows the painting process. Each mask is hand painted. The base paint is water colour, the very same paint used to decorate the colorful walls of Venice.
This is one way of the many ways to wear venetian mask during the carnival of venice mask After the artist finishes painting the mask, it needs up to 12 hours to dry. Then the final touches are added such a colorful ribbons, fabric, beads, perl, or gold foil, the imaginationis endlass... mask
Directly to you from the best Mask Artist
le perle veneziane
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Venetian Masks are completely made in Venetian Style as much as the tradition said. All masks are made in paper (papier mache)There are also many different ways to made a base of a mask to make it cheapper or quick to but the veneezia Maschereri.Most of these masks are used for many rappresentetions , expecially the Commedia dell' Arte.
Home Maschere Venezia Carnival Masks How to make Contact
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